Yelagiri – My Bird’s First Ride

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I will stick to my template of dedicating or giving the reason behind this ride, just like most of my rides. This ride was only because of Vikram Mallesh (VK) aka Gypsy! More about him as we go forward.

The plan was to start early around 3 AM and reach the destination to see the sunrise. I thought of sleeping early and make up for the early rise but couldn’t sleep even a minute thanks to my niece, Pari who refuses to sleep in the night. I played with her and in no time it was time to leave. Around 2 o clock I called VK and left home at 2.15 AM. The rendezvous was Five Star Petrol Bunk (don’t know what’s 5 star) on Hosur road. I reached the spot at 3.45! That is almost an hour late and this is all because of my new bike which was yet to cross the magical number on the odometer.

The situation if visualized is very funny: On a buttery road, NICE Road you have a Royal Enfield TB350 CC bike and you are going below 60! The distance I had to cover was a mere 45 KM, for which I took almost 1 ½ hour. Even the heavy trucks were overtaking and mocking at me!

I could not afford to maintain the same pace for the entire ride and later picked pace with VK once we started. With assistance from Google we managed to reach the foothills well within time. This location was good for few clicks and also the early morning breeze was adding to our comfort.

As you begin to climb up the hills, you are encountered with numerous hair pin bends. To be precise, 14 sharp hair pin bends. These 14 curves are real fun to drive on and for a moment I was reminded of my Leh Ride. Especially the whacky BRO (Border Roads Organisation) quote, ‘I am curvaceous, be gentle on my curves’!

Hair Pin Bend
Hair Pin Bend

This was the first ride which I was doing on my bike and there were no pics (good pics) so that I could use on my desktop. Special thanks to VK, who suggested this ride as our SS1000 plan was cancelled due to few hiccups (my side). SS1000-SaddleSore is a ride where one has to complete 1000 miles (1610 km) in 24 hrs. And the price? Your bum gets certified as the Toughest 🙂 On a serious note, this ride requires the utmost physical and mental fitness and also requires the rider to push the boundaries! The ride which would certify him/her as the World’s Toughest Rider!! Now that’s some prize on the line which is tempting to any rider. For now we have postponed it and a mental note of SS1000 is made.

We thoroughly enjoyed the curves, road curves! And to our delight we came across a patch of Nilgiris trees which was emanating a splendid aroma, also just for a change the weather was good (Yelagiri is in TN!).

TBTS 350...
TBTS 350…

On our way back a lady said there is a trek which can be partaken and wonderful view of the village can be seen. This was good enough for our Mr. Nature Lover/Adventurer/VK someone who hates the concrete jungles!! I wasn’t prepared for this – physically 😉 but didn’t want to be spoilsport. The trek is moderate but for me it was like Mt. Everest and that too with empty stomach!


As we began our trek, one of the rock had hand written elephant drawing on it. That meant Beware of Elephants!! Now that’s the simplest way of warning! As simple as it can be. And as we climbed there were numerous drops of dungs which was of cattle but one among them wasn’t! And right next to that the bushes were ransacked. No brainer-Elephant in the vicinity! Any movement of leaves made me turn my head and stop for a while. All thanks to the recent heroics of our adventure lovers and their encounter with elephants. With fingers crossed I somehow pushed and reached top. The view and the spot was worth Hundred Elephants (or rather Elephant Dungs 😉 we spent some time and then we started our trek back to our bikes.

I was a relived man! Because we didn’t find any elephants and also I could actually peacefully relive having come down…

The lady was waiting for us and put few hot dosas. Our stomach were filled to max and we started our return journey. We did visit the Boat House and Park but did a quick U-turn from the gate itself. The ride down the hill was equally fun because the 14 curves were waiting for us and this time it was about going down the curves!!! Which is so much fun…

It was 12 and we hit the highway! Now the true colors of TN was on display. Sultry, sweaty n itchy hot sunshine… We took few breaks to overcome the dehydration (water melons & juice) before heading to Hosur. Around 3 PM we reached Hosur and it was time to say Good Bye to VK. As he was about to leave, I realized that the whole ride we did not have even a single pic together. The guy at the bus stop agreed to click and in return I dropped him to Electronics City! The pic came out good and for that I could have dropped him to any place 😉

A simple yet amazing ride covering 400 Km & 14 curves — all thanks to VK!

I and VK got in touch after he saw my Leh Ride blog. And since then we have discussed only Rides, Bikes, Touring, Nature…today finally we got to ride together and hope we do many more rides…Check out his version of the ride here


Roads: Excellent

Weather: Opt for winter/rainy season

Route Map:

Peenya 2nd Stage – Kengeri – Nice Rd – Hosur – Krishnagiri- Natrampalli – Yelarigiri —– 192 KM

(Return route is same as onward)


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