NH75_Run In

This ride was not a pre-planned one nor was it on my ‘To-Do’ ride list. Neither am I crediting this ride to anybody, as always it is with most of my blogs. This is just one of those ‘out of the blue’ ride which is usually decided on the Sunday morning. I name this ride as ‘Run-In’ because my Bird (RE TBTS 350 cc) needed few kilometers before it could actually fly (RIPPING, as few call it). And with my daily commute to office clocking a mere, shocking and paltry distance, it would take years for the D-day to arrive. So I was rather itchy and waiting for ANY ride that would add kilometers to my bike odometer especially after the Yelagiri ride.

Luckily a friend’s wedding was the perfect reason. The wedding was to happen at a tiny village off NH75 (hence the name of the blog) and the village was Badagarahalli which is 120 km from Bengaluru city. This initial stretch is not a new one to me and in fact it was Deja-vu for me. The Harley ride was right in front of me as I hit the NH75 road. It was this very same stretch that we (MH700 & Drugs Baba) hit 150+ for the first time and also the unforgettable time spent with Iron 883 & Street 750. I was missing the Screaming Eagle silencer’s sound which literally turned all the heads on the highway or wherever we went.

Back to this simple ride, after reaching Yediyur we took a right towards Turuvekere and the entire stretch is a beautiful one. It has greenery along the stretch with tiny villages on either sides of the road.  There are numerous water bodies with wonderful scenic places and the lush greenery has a soothing effect on you. The roads are well maintained and there are hardly any potholes, which means you can cruise without any worries.

Che Guevara on my TBTS 350 cc
Che Guevara on my TBTS 350 cc

Because of our wrong pronunciation, we ended up visiting a village which was 30 km ahead of the destination! I suggest all you guys to write down the village name and pronounce it when asking for the route. Just one small error and we had to ride for 60 km!!! Not that I was complaining but many would not like to be in that position, especially with the rain roads on your heads. Finally around 1 PM we reached the village and all of us had smile on our faces, because we were just in time for the lunch! We did not even care to see our friend and headed straight to have lunch…

The marriage was a typical OLD-STYLE/VILLAGE-STYLE with bare minimum stuff. Simple, neat and lovely. This was so different and far better than our city’s big-fat weddings where people are more interested to just SHOW-OFF!!!

It was time to leave the village and head to our concrete jungles. Going back is always the easiest one and in no time we reached half the distance. En route there were some good locations worth a pic, especially this tiny HOME aka Nest underneath a big tree.

Bird's Nest...
Bird’s Nest…

Just as we were to reach Yediyur, the sight of a toppled car stopped us. The car had toppled upside down in the adjoining lake which runs for few distance. It wasn’t surprising to me that the car was ‘in waters’ because of a lady at the wheels…. Fortunately she was unhurt!


From there it was just straight line for me. The sun had come out after a long hiatus and we pulled over for fresh watermelon which was given for Rs. 20 only. As we left with our stomach filled it started to drizzle… we couldn’t have asked for more!


I reached home at 3.30 PM and had clocked 300 km J a good run-in for my bird and me…


  • People who are jobless and are feeling lazy on a Sunday morning, can do this ride with friends
  • Also all those fellow riders who need few kilometers for the Running-In or Breaking-In of their new bike, can do this ride
  • The roads are excellent and on the way you can stop at ‘Shark Land’ restaurant which serves delicious, soft idly. The restaurant is towards the right soon after the toll booth when going from Bangalore-NH75
  • Avoid summers, as the sun will be very harsh on you
  • There is a temple at Yediyur which is quite famous.

*Running-In or Breaking-In is the period where a new bike is supposed to limit its speed as per the speed limit (anywhere between 40 – 60 kmph) prescribed in the bike manual. The distance is usually till the bike reaches 1000 km (though many manuals say 500 km). This helps the engine to set in and there is a good life out of it in the long run. This was a very basic explanation, for more – Google


Onward: Bangalore – Nelamangala – NH 75 – Kunigal = Yediyur – Turuvekere – Badagarahalli = 125 km

Return: Same as onward

Route Map
Route Map

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