Why Do I Ride?

This isn’t a travelogue or technical write-up. Just for a change I am writing a blog on something different. Kindly excuse me…

Every time I go for a ride or when I come back, people and my friends ask me this question. Even while riding, local people also stop and enquire about me and in course of doing that they too ask, Why Ride?

And parents? It goes without saying that they will always have this question at their back of head! They might even think that our kid has gone nuts and lost his senses.

The travel bug bit me soon after the Leh ride. And since then I’ve covered many places on my bike including rides to Bhutan, Rameshwaram, Kolli Hills and Kerala. All these rides are big ones with at least 3-4 days and covering over 1000 kms in each one of these. It would be obvious for them to think what’s wrong with me? Especially when I ride at night times (situational), during rain, hot sun, wonderful tarmac, roads filled with potholes, sharp hairpin bends, village side roads and ghat sections, etc.. One small wrong move and I am NOMORE!!!

So why do I Ride?

The answer to this question is difficult and cannot be generalized. In fact I have been struggling for past few weeks to find the answer! Sitting for ages on my commode wasn’t much of use. Frankly speaking I have tried a lot to put this into one single sentence but so far haven’t been able to do so. There are many answers/reasons as to why I ride. Some answers are logical and some are philosophical. And if anything you guys feel is worth adding, feel free to comment…

  • When I ride my bike (Royal Enfield Thunderbird) it is like riding a giant. It is like I am controlling a giant which is powerful and huge. It needs lot of patience and skill which isn’t that difficult to master. But once you master it, the road is yours.
  • While riding on some of the dangerous roads (Bhutan, Leh and Pollachi-Valaparai) one small wrong move and I am gone without any trace. Within split-second things can change for worse and I am vanished. This gives me sense of attention and carefulness.
  • At many corners and sharp bends I have encountered people/vehicles/animals out of the blue. This teaches me to expect the unexpected.
  • Any moment can be your last moment. Hence there is a realization that life is too short and you got to use it to the fullest. See places and do things which you love. You never know which day is your last day.
  • You see new places and people. Learn their culture and respect them all. What is funny and weird to us, is the culture and practice for somebody else. Your perspective and the way you look at things change.
  • Your back aches and you continue to reach the destination. Your eyes are burning and yet you continue to make sure you reach the destination.
  • Your mirrors remind you of what’s coming and what’s gone. The mirrors tell you to be careful and vigilant for the danger which is at a distant. And also what has passed behind you is gone….
  • Some idiot on the road makes a wrong move and I might have to pay the price! I need to be extra cautious and also adjusting.
  • If you aren’t disciplined on the roads, then you bite the dust in no time.

Well this could have been a bigger and elaborate blog with examples, but I have kept it short for ease of reading as my friends complain of time and how big my articles are 😉

There are many roads and miles to cover. There is more to life and I have seen very little….


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