K2k Ride – Part 3 (Valparai – Thrissur – Kochi – Bengaluru)

Sorry friends, for posting the last part of K2K after one year! All thanks to my sudden change of plans to move to UAE. Nonetheless, Part3 was always on my mind and here I finish the K2K ride finally.

After we departed from Valparai, the next day’s ride was nerve-wrecking because we were entering the forest area infested with elephants. We only realized the seriousness of danger that was involved after entering the forest zone. As you bid bye to TN and enter Kerala border the check post officials note down your bike number and other details. As soon as you enter the forest area, you are greeted with all weird sounds. It includes the sound of wood-pecker which is busy with its routine job and the sounds of water flowing on stone slabs. One can definitely enjoy the beauty of nature but were also worried about the sudden appearance of jambo. The sharp road bends add to the whole scene of scariness along with fresh dungs of elephants. To be frank, we all were on the edge of the fuel tank!

Somehow we managed to reach the end of forest area without any confrontation with elephants. As soon as you exit the forest area, you are greeted with Vazhachal falls. This is a good place to hang out and you can spot many love birds here! Up next was the famous Athirapally falls which was too crowded with many tourists and localities.  We could see a bunch of female riders passing by who had come from Bengaluru. Unfortunately their faces were covered with helmets and we just managed to wave our hands at them.



From Athirapally falls the roads to Chalakudy are in buttery conditions and you will enjoy the ride. In no time we reached Chalakudy and headed straight to Thirssur for visiting the famous Guruvayur temple. It was 4 PM and we reached the entrance of the temple. One can use the hotel which is right next to temple to get fresh which offers rooms on hourly basis. Just like any other famous temple in India, we had to surpass a huge serpentious queue before getting a glimpse of the deity.  After a good two hour stay at Thrissur, we headed straight to our actual destination! My friend’s wedding.

Athirapally falls
Happy to see She-Rider…

At wedding hall, I was happy to spot two young kids taking pictures of my bike. Hope my bike inspires them to ride in future.


After wishing my dear friend for the new innings with his better half, we headed straight to Kochi for a quick tour of the famous places including Lulu mall. While we were returning to our rooms, the rain gods were out with nail biting cold winds. With great difficulty we could overcome the rain gods and reached our rooms. After a quick dinner, we jumped into our beds before we could start our return journey to Bengaluru the next day.




The return journey was a cool 333 KM and we had to pass via Palakad, Coimbatore, Salem, Krishnagiri, and Hosur. We started early in the morning at 8 AM and the first pit stop was at Palakad for packing some of the famous chips and sweets. From Palakad it was a non-stop ride till Coimbatore, where we had to pull over for lunch. Do not miss you lunch/dinner at Surya Annamaya restaurant if you happen to pass via Coimbatore. The lunch served was one of the best we had in the entire ride. Literally it was finger licking, especially the full meals.


Post lunch it was a straight non-stop ride till we reached Hosur. After a quick tea at Hosur, we headed straight to the concrete jungle – Bengaluru. It was 9 PM when I reached my home and the odometer reading showed close to 2000 kms of distance from Day 1 of this ride!

Just before going to sleep I ticked Kerala from my To-Ride List…

Good night and see you soon again!




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